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1.Drinking water creates saliva and mucus :-

Water is very important in our day to day daily life. It helps to secrete saliva in our mouth. water is the important component to secrete saliva. Saliva will make food digests in our stomach. Saliva also have some enzymes, mucus. Saliva is important for breaking food and keep our body healthy.

2.Drinking water control the body temperature :-

In hot environments our body excretes sweating in our body loses heat. Water stores in the middle of the skin layer and excrete sweating and maintain the body temperature cool. so drink more water to stay cool in the hotter region.

3. Drinking water helps to prevent from kidney damage :-

When you drink more water then urine excretes freely is light in colour. If you drink little amount of water then you have face high problems like kidney stones.

So take more water to control these kinds of kidney problems.

4. Drinking water helps to protect your tissues, spinal cord and joints :-

 Taking more water helps to lubricate our joints. Joints and spines contain 70-80% of fluid. So dehydration of water leads to join pains. Drinking more water will  lubricate the joints.

5. Drinking water helps to excrete wastes through sweating, urinating :-

Urinating and sweating is the process of excreating wastes of our body. Drinking little amount of water leads to kidney stone. Iyt will affect our urinary system. Kidney stone causes more painful so if you have to aoid that drink lot of water. If kidneys function not properly then wastes of our body will stored in oud body and it can cause many problems.

6. Drinking water can help calories control :- 

Water is calorie free. It is more helpful to weight loss. It is the easy way to cut back the calories and sugar. Drink 2 cups of water before every meals.

7. Drinking water helps to increase the brightness of the skin :-

Dehydration of water can wrinkled and dried our face and look like aged people. Our skin has more water, so if you have to look like youngster then you have to consume more water in our day to day life.

8. Drinking water helps to increase the physical work energetically :-

During the physical activities we have to consume water to improve the energy level. During exercise our body emits lot of heat if we didn’t have enough water then it can cause hypothermia. Drinking water during exercise will motivate both mentally and physically.  

9. Drinking water may improve memory and mood :-

Water is the basic essential for our body it is also basic essential to deliver the nutrients to the brain and remove unwanted toxins it will helps to concentrate more and improve the memory and feeling good.

10. Drinking water excrete toxins in our body :-

By the way of sweating and urinating releases more toxins in our body and prevent from kidney stones also.

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