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The Suez Canal is one of man's most impressive inventions the 193 kilometer and has been pivotal and dramatically shortening. The shipping route between Europe and Asia because ships can travel through Africa instead of around.  

 In today's advanced world it's almost hard to believe that humans completed the massive canal without modern technology construction of the Suez Canal began way back in 1859 and would take a whole ten years to complete eventually opening for international use and 1869.

The original planning of the canal started in 1854 that began when the former French diplomat Ferdinand de Lesseps negotiated a deal with the Egyptian viceroy said pesha to start the suez canal company.

Initially the British empire were against the canals construction due to political tension with france, who were in favor of the project however ,Britain came onboard the night like France realized that canal would majorly shorten shipping to their Asian colonies although the idea seems simple enough building the massive canal was a problematic experience.

Initially the workers used to build the canal were Egyptian peasants who would give a nod a choice but to work they doped the canal slowly with pets and baskets the extremely hot climate of Egypt made the work extremely tough which only slowed the workers down.

Even more fortunately in 1863 false labor was outlawed and Europeans with steam-powered shovels and dredges had to be bought and finish the mammoth task they were not helped by an outbreak of cholera in 1865.

When the canal finally opened in 1869 .It was deemed property of Egypt and France the two countries with majority shares and the Suez Canal Company in 1875 though Egypt sold its shares to the British giving them ownership of the canal despite the British and French ownership.

That canal was always supposed to serve any international vessel who wish to use it ,whether it was during peace or wartime the structural was laid out in the 1888. Constantinople convention the convention was not always followed though for example both Germany and Israel were unable to use the canal at points in the 1940s Britain and France would continue to own the canal until 1956.

When Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser nationalized the canal and a show of Egyptian strength although it sparked a brief war between Egypt, Britain, France and Israel the canals ultimate control would remain Egypt .

Today it has operated through the Suez Canal Authority and is open for use from all countries apart from a brief closure of the canal between 1967 and 1975. when sunken ships from the six-day war blocked the narrow entrance the canal has always been readily available to shorten the trade route from Europe to Asia in fact. 

Shortening that very shipping route was the only reason the canal was conceptualized in the first place it's very creation has helped link the markets of Europe and Asia closer than the humans of 1854.


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